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[26.11.2015] Hello every body
Hi everyone.
Since we are experiencing problems with low number of online players and we assume this is due the lack of activity of us and the lack of events we are looking for someone to help us out.
We are looking for someone who might bringt up a few new idea how to improve our server and help us with advertisement to attract new player.
If you are interested contact me at the forum(Maksvell) or contact me ingame(Brain) of on Facebook.
[20.11.2015] New version and 1448 Patch Notes
Hi all,
We are glad to announce new version and our new patch 1448 patch.
You need to download new Launcher so please visit our forum Link.
[20.11.2015] Maintance
Hi all,
Server is on maintrance.Exact time when Server will be UP unknow.
We updating our server files.
[15.11.2015] 1445 Patch Notes
Hi all,
Skill effect changes in 1455 patch
[11.11.2015] Launcher Updates
Hi all,
Autoupdating issue has been solved. If you still experience problems with autoupdate please contact us on the forum.
Sorry for the inconveniece
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